The Sephardic Jewish Community Of Nis Serbia And Its Distinc

Mar 29: The Sephardic Jewish Community of Nis Serbia and its Distinctive Cemetery
Tivon Branch - Hebrew - Lecture by Dr. Lea Haber-Gedalia - in conjunction with the Sephardim SIG
Situated at the crossroads of the Balkan, connecting Asia Minor to Europe ,Nis is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans with a Sephardic community rooted deep in "Tikun Chatzot" (Kabala ) and a cemetery that may conceal some secrets of the Shabtai Zvi sect.
Dr. Haber Gedalia is the secretary of the Israel Genealogical Society and former chairperson of the Jerusalem branch. Lea is also active in the organization called "Second Generation of Descendants from Bukowina".
Place: Merkaz Hantsaha and Library, HaMigdal Street, Kiryat Tivon.

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