Red Dead Project

Red-Dead project (Fragments)

By David Shamah

Israel and Jordan signed a “historic” water cooperation agreement to carry out the “Red-Dead” project, which will supply water for both Israelis and Jordanians and replenish the dwindling Dead Sea.

The “Red-Dead” project, first agreed upon in December 2013, will connect the Red Sea to the Dead Sea via a 200-kilometer-long pipeline that will lead 100 million cubic meters of water up north every year.
A desalination plant will also be erected north of the Jordanian tourist resort of Aqaba, and will serve both Jordan and Israel. The high-salt-content water left over in the desalination process, or brine, will be streamed into the Dead Sea, known for its high salt content.

The sides have also agreed to transfer water from northern Israel to the Jordanian capital of Amman.
Construction of the plant is expected to begin in approximately 18 months, and the pipeline will begin to be laid in three years.

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