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Lessons from history for the Middle East
The Guardian, Thursday 15 January 2009
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It is utterly wrong to allege that aggressive colonialism, racism and genocidal policy are the motives of the present action of Israel in Gaza, as some of your letter-writers do (13 January). If one does not react emotionally to the tragic events there and tries to analyse them rationally, not only self-defence but the very existence of Israel emerges as the motive of the Israeli assault on the Hamas launchers of rockets.
Israel was asked to accept a Palestinian state and its peaceful existence alongside the Jewish state. Israel agreed. But how can it be realised if one part of the future Palestinian state does not recognise the existence of Israel and attacks it with rockets? The Israeli government launched the present action to make clear that before the two-state solution, all participants have to stop aggressive actions. Instead of blaming Israel, your critical readers should try to help Israel to reach a peaceful solution which would include a radical change of Hamas policy and an end of Israel's blockade of Gaza.
I am convinced Israel will be unable to reach its objectives by military means. It seems impossible to force Hamas to change its policy by street-fighting in densely populated urban areas. Unless the international community prevents Hamas aggressive actions by putting on the ground peacekeeping troops and monitors, the present Israel offensive will finish in military defeat. And this would be the start of Israel's end.
I am a survivor and I pray for Israel's safety. If Israel existed in 1939, many of the 6 million dead would have stayed alive. I am a past president of the Jewish community in Belgrade and I know who left former Yugoslavia and settled in Israel before and after the second world war. Together with hundreds of thousands they created a prosperous country with beautiful universities, museums, scientific institutes, urban centres and seaside resorts. And a democratic society in the midst of many semi-feudal or dictatorial regimes. Israel has the moral right to exist despite the clamour of those who propose Islam as the supreme power in the world and those who justify the elimination of Israel by denying the Holocaust ever happened.
Jasa Almuli

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