Lamed E Winter 2011 Number 13


A Quarterly Journal of Politics and Culture

Selected and Edited by Ivan Ninić

Winter 2011 Number 13

Benjamin and the Virtual - the Expression-less By Elisa Santucci 

Bohemian Rhapsody By Sam Munson

In the autobiographical novel Life on Sandpaper, Israeli author Yoram Kaniuk revisits the time he spent living among the artists and musicians of New York in the 1950s

ABSURDISTAN - Gary Shteyngart Russian Unorthodox By Walter Kirn

The Metamorphosis of a Writer - An Interview with Gary Shteyngart By Liza Young

Camus the Jew By Robert Zaretsky

Albert Camus, who died an atheist at 46, had surprisingly deep ties to Judaism in his life, his political activity, and his philosophical thought

The Prague Cemetery By Umberto Eco

In a new novel, 19th-century Europe is a land of ominous mystery, and a Parisian junk shop is the passage to a lost world. An excerpt.

Umberto Eco and treacherous texts By Benjamin Balint

Conspiracy theories and intense histo-rical settings are Umberto Eco’s forte, and here he turns his attention to one of history’s most persuasive and destructive false texts - with mixed results.

Trotsky the Jew By Richard Pipes

Joshua Rubenstein’s new biography obscures the Russian revolutionary’s violent extremism while overemphasizing his Jewishness

European 'No Go' Zones for Non Muslims Proliferating By Soeren Kern

"Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers"

A second Iranian nuclear facility has exploded By Sheera Frenkel

Tensions rise between the West and Tehran

Journalist Lisa Daftari on Fox News' Commenting on the Iran Terror Plot

Lisa Daftari is an award-winning journalist with expertise in the Middle East, specifically in counter-terrorism, Iran and the Iranian American com-munity. Her stories have appeared on CBS, NBC, PBS, the Washington Post, Voice of America, and Front Page Magazine. Presently, she appears as a guest commentator on the Fox News Channel. Lisa has her own column in Front Page Magazine where she serves as the publication's Iran analyst.

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