Lamed E Summer 2012 Number 15


A Quarterly Journal of Politics and Culture

Selected and Edited by Ivan L Ninić

Summer 2012 Number 15

Is an Israeli Strike on Iran Inevitable? By Seth Mandel

Can They? By Austin Long

An Israeli strike against the Iranian nuclear program would be tougher today than a few years ago, but it would still be likely to succeed

Iran and Obama Share a Common Goal - Stopping Israel By Jonathan S. Tobin

Dolphin-class submarine By Ofer Aderet

German officials confirm submarines sold to Israel can fire nuclear-tipped cruise missiles

Bosnians in the 'Imperial City' and Sarah Aharonson, Hero of the NILI-Organization By Jennie Lebel

Vigor Juice By Allan Nadler

Jews and Booze, a fascinating new history of Prohibition-era bootleggers, barmen, rabbis, and cops, picks up where HBO’s Boardwalk Empire leaves off

Arguing the World By Matthew Kaminski

In his last book, the late intellectual Tony Judt is sharp as ever—offering biting comments about American Jews, Israel, and his ex-wives

Jews, Damned Jews, and Sociologists By Yehudah Mirsky

Modern Times By Rachel Gordan

Herman Wouk wrote a foundational text for American postwar Modern Orthodoxy, and for the emancipated Jewish literature in its wake

Americans, unlike Israelis, are only partial Jews By Revital Blumenfeld

Noted Israeli author says amount of immigration from the United States is minimal and embarrassing; claims that the Holocaust was a Jewish failure.

Walter Laqueur - Best of times, Worst of times By Dieter Farwick

Susan Sontag Tells All By Adam Kirsch

The newly published second volume of the great critic’s journals reveals her transformation from hedonistic revolutionary to elitist enforcer

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Selected and Edited by Ivan L Ninic

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