Lamed E Autumn 2010 Number 8

A Quarterly Journal of Politics and Culture Selected and Edited by Ivan Ninic
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The eminent publisher on his teacher, friend, and political opposite Benzion Netanyahu By Jason Epstein

The Future of Holocaust Studies By Johannes Houwink ten Cate

Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism in Progressive U.S. Blogs/News Websites: Influential and Poorly MonitoredBy Adam Levick

The Mask of the Marranos By Allan Nadler

Why Cordoba? By Marc Tracy The Ground Zero Islamic center was named for a period in Spanish-Muslim history that some call a golden age of tolerance

If Israel goes down, we all go down By José María Aznar

Mossad Exodus The Daring Undercover Rescue of the Lost Jewish Tribe Gad Shimron

Women in the Life and Work of Lev Tolstoy By Mirjana N. Radovanov-Mataric, Ph.D.


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