Inauguration Of The Exhibition The Life And Work Of Rabbi Ma

Inauguration of the exhibition"The Life and Work of Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis"

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008
Time: 16:00
Place: Riksarkivet, Lobbyn, Fyrverkarbacken 13, Stockholm
Other: Fri entré

Rabbi, accomplished author in numerous languages, publicist, distinguished scholar and journalist, devoted activist for minority rights, citizen of the world… all this forms an integral part of the biography of the former Chief Rabbi of Stockholm (1914-1948), Dr. Marcus Ehrenpreis.

His life and career are the subject of the documentary exhibition "The Life and Work of Rabbi Marcus Ehrenpreis (1869-1951)". The opening will be followed by a lecture titled "The Social and Spiritual Impact of Leadership" in which the professional and intellectual aspects of Marcus Ehrenpreis’ biography will be explored in light of his role as a leader.

The exhibit is based on Ehrenpreis' personal archive and library and is the result of research conducted by Fabian Sborovsky and Yulina Dadova, fellows at Paideia - the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. This project is made possible with the financial contribution of the Jewish Library of Stockholm, the Jewish Community's cultural commission, and the National Archives of Sweden.

Yulina Dadova obtained a Master’s degree in Culturology from Sofia University with Cultural and Social Anthropology as a special subject. She has attended courses from the Master’s programme in Jewish Studies at the New Bulgarian University (NBU) in Sofia. Presently, she is pursuing a PhD on “The Use of the Tradition in the context of the New Jewish Identity in Bulgaria since 1989” at the Institute of Folklore, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). Yulina works as a teacher of Hebrew at Em. Shekerdzhijski Community - library club, Sofia. She also works as a translator /interpreter from / to Hebrew. Since 2002 she is the curator of the Jewish Museum of History – Sofia. As a member of the Bulgarian Jewish community she participated in several international seminars in Bulgaria and abroad, related to the problems of the Ethnicity and Multicultural relations. In addition to her academic studies Yulina is interested in journalism. She is the author of various articles in several magazines and newspapers among these the Jewish magazine for art and culture Mabat and Jewish community’s weekly newspaper Evreiski vesti. Her future goals include the completion of her PhD thesis and realization of projects in the field of popularization of Jewish culture and stimulation of intercultural relations.

Fabian Sborovsky is a graduate student in Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, graduating in 2007. He holds a B.A from Belmont University in Nashville, with focusing on History and Political Science. During his time at Vanderbilt University, he has also worked at the university’s Divinity Library as a Judaica Bibliographer.
Fabian was born in Asuncion, Paraguay and has been active in the Reform Jewish Community in Nashville. In addition to his academic studies, Fabian is interested in languages and travel. His future goals revolve around Jewish education and teaching.

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