Genocide Revealed

Aleksandar Veljic:
Genocide Revealed
New Light on the Massacre of Serbs and Jews under Hungarian Occupation

By Wade Fransson

Aleksandar Veljic has spent seven years doing primary research on events that were covered up 70 years ago. The list of accomplices is long and is not limited to Europeans. In the wake of WWII Miklos Horthy was given an unprecedented get-out-of-jail free card, as stated by the Wikipedia article on Horthy "But American trial officials declined to present charges against Horthy, a kindness that may have been the result of the influence in Washington of Horthy's admirer, the former ambassador John Montgomery." In other words, if we recall the geopolitical context - Horthy's strong anti-communist record was enough for the U.S. and others to turn a blind eye to his overt support of racist facists like Hitler, and the genocidal activities he endorsed and supported in regions under his control.

While under arrest, he made appearances at trials in which he helped convict others, but during which he was never required to testify. After his release from the Nuremberg prison, in December 1945, Horthy was supported by John Montgomery, Pope Pius XII and others. He could also count on admirers such as Joseph Stalin to plead for mercy on his behalf.
I would not have been aware of any of this if it weren't for the work of Aleksandar Veljic. In recent months the BBC has picked up on his work, Serbian news media and agencies are getting involved, and respected members of various Holocaust Societies in Israel and elsewhere are highlighting the importance of this book.
One thing is for sure, Veljic's work is important and explosive enough to stir up interest in atrocities that have been buried for too long. It's not just that the victims' blood cries out, it's that Horthy's reputation has been laundered, that his memoirs have been published in several languages, and that statues of Horthy are on display in his honor, and that schoolchildren in Hungary and elsewhere are reading stories about his role as a heroic leader, with no idea that in other ways he was a very evil man.
The facts, for example, that he was the first anti-Semitic European Leader, and that he had close ties to Hitler, who admired him during Hitler's own ascent to power, need to be surfaced, examined, and judged. Not to mention his record of endorsing genocidal atrocities.
This book is destined to cause a re-examination of those facts.
Congratulations to Aleksandar Veljic for his diligence and fortitude, in the face of opposition, with no resources and very, very little official support, on having created a work of original history that is destined to be cited in every subsequent work on this and related subjects, of which we can be sure there will be many.

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