Archeology Of The Land Of The Bible 10 000 586 B C E

By Amihai Mazar
Step by step, era by era, author Amihai Mazar shows just what each major archaeological discovery has to say about the mysterious stories of the Bible. It's all here, from the mundane clay jars of the ancient households of Palestine to the beautiful sculpture and jewelry that passed through these lands on the primitive trade routes.
From the first permanent settlements in the land of the Bible (10,000 B.C.E.) to the tumultuous period of the divided monarchy of Israel and Judah and the destruction of the First Temple by Nebuchadnezzar (586 B.C.E.), Mazar's overview of biblical life and the archaeological evidence to support it is without parallel.
Archaeology of the Land of the Bible has quickly established itself as the standard text in biblical archaeology. Amihai Mazar is a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. He has studied under the giants in the field of archaeology, including Trude Dothan and Yigael Yadin.


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