Applause And Then Silence

Predrag Finci:
Applause, and then Silence
Translated by Edward Dennis Goy and Jasna Levinger
Copyright © Predrag Finci
Published by Style Writes Now, 2012
Introduction by Moris Farhi
Photographic portrait of the author: Eric Miller
Cover art, design and layout by MIK
Cover photo motif: courtesy of Sefik Pijalovic.

‘Applause, and then Silence’ is a selection of ten essays from the book ‘O nekim sporednim stvarima’ (ON SOME SECONDARY MATTERS) which was first published in 1990 by Veselin Maslesa in Sarajevo, UDK 886.1/.2-4 ISBN 86-21-00424-0

This edition is published by Style Writes Now, 2012, as a part of In Ten Edition Books Project
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