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Born in Negotin in 1935, Anna Shomlo is writer, translator and journalist.

She graduated from the Belgrade University's Department for Oriental Languages and Literature.

To advance her language skills in Arabic and Hebrew, she studied two years at the University of Jerusalem.

From 1960 she held a position at the Belgrade Television, first as a journalist in the Cultural News Section and later as an associate of the TV Review. She was for twenty years the Editor in Chief of Radio–Television's publication RTV Theory and Practice.

She wrote the novel Lea Strasser published in 1980 by Independent Editions of Slobodan Masic, Belgrade. In 1983 As was published by Spectrum, Zagreb. It had a second publication in 1985 by Prosveta (Education), Belgrade. In 1985 Voices of Diaspora was published by Belgrade Literary News. In 1988 Milena's Letters to Kafka in the production of Novi Sad Literary Association was published. Khazars or the Renewal of the Byzantine Novel – Discourses with Milorad Pavic was published by BIGZ, Belgrade in 1990. She wrote the novel Yellow spite published in 2006 by Indzic, Belgrade.

She translated from Hebrew to Serbian Badenheim 1939, a novel by Aharon Apelfeld. Children's Journal (Decje novine), Belgrade, published it in 1989.

She prepared and wrote the introductory note to the book TV Personalities, a portrait chronicle with photographs by Ljubinko Kozhul (RTV, Theory and Practice, Belgrade, 1989).

She also wrote the prologue and interpretations for the book Song of Songs, with illustrations by Olja Ivanjicki, (Interpress, Megila library, Belgrade, 1992).

She arranged and translated from Hebrew The Anthology of Israeli Short stories, published in 1995 by Bagdala, Krusevac, also the Anthology of Israeli Poetry and Prose published by Zidne Novine (Bulletin Board), Sarayevo 1995.

International letter: Contemporary Israeli Literature, prepared by Simha Kabiljo–Shutic, (parts translated by A. S.), Knjizevnost, 7–8/ 1998.

Documents: Israel 1948–1998, prepared by Simha Kabiljo–Shutic (parts translated by A.S.), Knjizevnost, 9–10/ 1998.

She translated from Hebrew to Serbian Nascence a collection of essays by the Israeli politician Shimon Peres published by BMG, Belgrade in 1999.

She translated from Hebrew to Serbian Danilo Kis – a dark odyssey, the dissertation by Lily Halpert Zamir, publication of Athenaeum, Belgrade in 2000.

She wrote the Hebrew–Serbocroat and Serbocroat–Hebrew Dictionary published by the Association of Yugoslav Jews in Israel, Tel Aviv 1993.

She wrote a textbook Learn Hebrew by Yourself, a self–published book in Netanya in 1996.

She is an associate contributor to a number of encyclopaedias, such as Prosveta's Encyclopaedia, Belgrade 1969, to which she contributed with her essays on Israeli literature. In the Encyclopaedia Judaica, published by Keter Jerusalem in 1974, she wrote the entries about Jewish writers from the territory of Yugoslavia. In Croatian General Lexicon, published by Lexicographic Institute Miroslav Krleza in 1996, she writes about the contemporary Israeli writers.

For In Jerusalem Again, a collection of short stories, she received the Israeli Immigration Sacretariat's Award in 1996. This collection was published by Bosnia Book, Sarayevo, in 1997. and Prosveta (Education), Belgrade 2004.

The collection of short stories, In Jerusalem Next Year, was published by Miroslav, Belgrade, in 2000.

Anthology of the 20th Century Israeli Poetry – selection and translation from Hebrew to Serbian (Pismo / Letter, No.70, 2002).

Four Camels from the Desert, a collection of six short stories by Gideon Telpaz, translation from Hebrew (Pismo / Letter, No. 71, 2003).

The book of interviews To be and Survive on Television was published Serbian Radio–Television – publishing department, in 2004.

She translated the novel Jewelry by the Israeli author Shulamit Lapid, Clio 2004.

The book I was your Sea (corespondence between Franz Kafka and Milena Jesenska), Pesic and sons, Belgrade, in 2005.

Anna Shomlo translated the novel Lion`s honey – The Myth about Samson by the Israeli author David Grossman, Geopoetika 2006.

She wrote the Hebrew–Serbian Dictionary published by Jasen, Belgrade, in 2007.

In Israeli literary journals Moznaim, Iton 77, Rav Kol, and Jerusalajim she publishes her short stories in Hebrew.

Anna Shomlo Wins "Kalat Haor" (Laureate of Light) Award for 2005 for her years of work in promoting Israeli literature throughout the world.


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